A Few Words

About Us


Shaping healthier lives.  At Tiger Stripe Supplements, we strive to make health and wellness more accessible.   We take pride in our products and stand behind our promise to give you the tools to find your inner Tiger.  In alignment with our commitment to quality, all products are made locally in the USA.  We abide by rigorous quality standards, evident by our FDA approved facilities, GMP (Good Manufacturer Practices) and 3rd Party Lab Testing.  We take no shortcuts when it comes to what you put on and inside your body.  You’ve got the best supplements for optimal performance, so Earn Your Stripes through sweat, hard work and dedication. 



To foster a culture of health.  We take pride in our role in directing public health. Now more than ever, it’s important to be reliable and hold ourselves to high standards. As a premier brand, we are passionate about results. Whether it’s forging your body or inspiring people to pursue excellence, we set out to improve every day.  Our unwavering commitment to quality allows us to pave the way for those chasing greatness.                                                                                                                                                             



To shape your best self.  More than a supplement brand, we’re a source of empowerment. Your transformation is our passion. It’s what keeps us going. We play the role of your advisor, trainer, nutritionist, and partner. We steward your journey each step of the way.  Embrace top of the line technology, tools and shape your future.  You’re not defined by any limits and our supplements power you for optimal performance.  Fueled by strength, rise to the challenge.